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Property Education

Smallfootprint offers seminars and workshops throughout the year. Educating our clients on property for beginners through to our development programs.

Property Development Workshops

These smallfootprint development workshops are very innovative and provide a very comprehensive overview of how developments work.

Innovative development the smallfootprint way.

Consultation for Subdivision

We provide a variety of consultation packages. Whether it be to assess how to build a zero energy home, retro fit an exisiting one, assessing a block of land or house, development processes or simply how to move ahead with the right block of land towards subdvision.

What You Need To Know

Joint Development Opportunities

We offer 1 or 2 joint developments a year. This is only for Sophiscated Investors - if you would like some further information, please complete a contact form. This type of program requires every client to be approved by the Smallfootprint Board to make sure the development meets both expectations.

Smallfootprint Zero Energy Housing

- Consultation

- Retrofit

- Smallfoootrpint Workshops

- Seminars

Property Income Maximisation

The Smallfootprint People have many methods of maximising property income. We hold some workshops which cover the three most effective methods and a plan on how to implement them.

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Zero Energy housing
Consulting - Zero Energy Ratings - Workshops

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