5 Rayner St Footscray (smallest House in Australia)

Now this is where the fun begins! Our smallfootprint zero energy home in Footscray, the trendiest town in Victoria. This amazing home is state of the art sustainable and although small, it feels spacious with its lofty ceilings and outdoor indoor living upstairs.

The smallest home in Australia ,that is not on wheels or sitting in a pasture in some regional town. It sits on a tiny allotment , on its own title, close to the Melbourne CBD, this New York Loft style living , but the occupants with a beautiful lifestyle. Everything you need and nothing you don't. Guests constantly say, " it doesnt feel small, it feels spacious" This smallfootprint living is uncompromised, sustainable and minimalist. Join the Smallfootprint movement............ Find out a about our seminars, workshops, products and consultancy.

3,7 Rayner St Footscray

Yes there are two more....... right next door to each other, these are slightly larger, but still zero energy smallfootprint homes.

These homes are living labs and display homes for the other projects underway . These homes are the ideal model for future urbanisation and sustainable living. The time is not here as yet for the one bedroom home to be the "normal way to live" -valuers find it hard to value, Councils find it hard to support, as no product like this exists as yet. With lengthy delays, years in planning, many VCAT sessions, much discussion, these three smallfootprint zero energy homes were built, the first of their kind, revolutionary, cutting edge the first glimpse of the future. They are here as an example of how these homes are designed , compact yet spacious, luxury yet minimalist --zero energy, no more energy bills - these smallfootprint houses are the future. They are the display homes for smallfootprint, to show our customers and members the opportunity to walk through and experience the zero energy smallfootprint way

3 Rayner St

7 Rayner St

247 Banksia St Ivanhoe

this is an older home, was refurbished - made tinier and now serves as an air bnb homel . Plans are underway to do the first established home retrofit "the zero energy to create the smallfootprint home, an example how a large proportion of the population can now partipate in investing in the 'zero energy retrofit package" allowing your home to become more energy efficient and sustainable in an effort to fight climate change, but still live a comfortable and modern life.


1490 High St Glen Iris

Again , plans are underway for a retrofit zero energy package . This 1930's home, already has the thick brick walls, a smaller footprint. With natural materials found everywhere, this home reflects the lifestyles of past.