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The Smallfootprint people are experts in all things Smallfootprint. Smallfootprint zero energy homes , smallfootprint design, sub-division and creating spaces you feel comfortable with and in. Smaller and more sustainable living is now more important than ever! Climate change is now an ever growing problem and the need for a complete change in how we live is now imperative.

Make a difference, learn more about smallfootprint living, invest in a smallfootprint home, support our movement by purchasing soon to be released t-shirt's, coasters, candles, bags, pens which supports the Smallfootprint movement .



Smallfootprint was born when watching our two boys grow up, and seeing their footprints on the beaches around the world, This is where smallfootprint living is evident in beach bures and huts and tribal villages who tread much more lightly on this earth than we do.

Using their methods of simplicity and bringing the outdoors in. Making smaller spaces that feel larger, using natural materials, we used these building blocks to bring smallfootprint homes to Australia. Understanding the need to make a change, to help in the fight against climate change, these mini power houses of energy are at the cutting edge of sustainability.


Smallfootprint bring to you the highest sustainable housing as yet available in Australia today. Zero Energy independent smallfootprint homes with beautiful garden spaces, vegie gardens, quality builds that allows you the home owner or investor be one of the first to invest not only in a quality smallfootprint home, but invest in the future of our planet, by have zero energy accounts, living smaller and in a more minimalist fashion.

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Tom and Ingrid Graze

The Smallfootprint People