63 Derrimut St, Albion

Project Description

Zero Energy Housing sets a new benchmark for sustainable living. Not only do these Smallfootprint not need any fossil fuels to power them, but they produce 100% sutainable /renewable power to either put out to th grid or to supply 100% renewable power to future EV smart charge bollards locted om the nature strip (STCA) to power EV cars parked on the street (ie public EV charging - using excess solar power from the Zero Energy Smallfootprint Housing.)

Well designed zero energy smallfootprint homes:

1. Smaller more efficient footprint

2. Clever design and engineering of building

3. Extremely high levels of standard insulation

4. Low e double glazing

5. Very efficient reverse cycle heating and cooling

6. Co2 Heat pump hot water system ( we do not use fossil fuels - note solar hot water is boosted by fossil fuels)

7. 400w high efficiency PV ceoos

8. 14kWh Tesla storage battery systems

Project Details

Skills: Brand, Design

Categories: Design

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