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' Tread Lightly '


By The Smallfootprint people

Changing the world one smallfootprint at a time

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The Story

SMALLFOOTPRINT zero energy housing started as an idea a decade ago. Realising that our housing was amongst the largest in world, our Australian footprint large and cumbersome on the earth - we felt new solutions to protect our planet had to be found. The SMALLFOOTPRINT movement had begun. With the motto "tread lightly", Architects and designers went to work to start the designs and spaces for zero energy SMALLFOOTPRINT living.
This innovative housing is small, yet spacious, minimialistic, yet has everything that you need. Lofty ceilings, stone benchtops, natural timbers, designer tiles - and no electricity bills - SMALLFOOTPRINT spaces for the future.


Our Mission

Climate change, huge electricity and gas bills, large cumbersome housing, are huge negatives for our future generations. SMALLFOOTPRINT has at its very heart the vision of a future of SMALLFOOTPRINT zero energy housing, that allows the homeowner or renter to have no energy bills, live in a minimalist way, - 'less is more' allowing them the ability to enjoy and create more space for simple pleasures , whilst helping the planet by supporting a SMALLFOOTPRINT living - always. 'treading lightly' on this burdened earth.

Our legacy is the creation of the SMALLFOOTPRINT MOVEMENT to assist the planet in living more sustainably and creatively in smaller spaces.


Fueled by Passion

The SMALLFOOTPRINT MOVEMENT with zero energy housing, amazing recycled products, SMALLFOOTPRINT compost bins, teatowels, wines, bread board, coasters, etc.

Our passion for all that is SMALLFOOTPRINT has fueled us to create seminars and webinars to help educate and assist our community to adopt and support zero energy. SMALLFOOTPRINT living.

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